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The Kurayoshi Pure Malt 8 Year Old Single Malt Whiksy 700ml

    The Kurayoshi Pure Malt 8 Year Old Single Malt Whiksy 700ml

    The Kurayoshi Malt Whisky 8 Year Old Sherry Cask is a boutique Japanese whisky produced by the Matsui distillery. Located in Tottori, a coastal prefecture on southern Honshu, the whiskies produced by the Matsui distillery are characterised by aging with the pure underground waters of Daisen Mountains. The rich aroma with deep flavor displayed by the Kurayoshi Malt Whisky 8 Year Old reflects the maturation in carefully selected sherry casks. Fruits such as pear and raisins are present and deliciously completed by the light woodiness of flavour. Due to the boutique size of Matsui distillery there are limited stockists of Kurayoshi whisky outside of Japan. The Japanese Quality Whisky Society is proud to offer the largest allocation of this unique whisky available in Australia. Our supply of this line also allows us to offer the lowest price for you to buy the Kurayoshi Malt Whisky 8 Year Old Sherry Cask online. TASTING NOTES: COLOUR: Amber NOSE: Sweet aroma of the recent seasoning sherry system. Green raisin, a sweetness reminiscent of cake syrup, malt flavor reminiscent of hot cake fabric. PALATE: Pale seasoning Sherry's prunes, brown sugar, malt flavor spreading from the middle, reminiscent of highland malt to faint woodyness. FINISH: Orange marmalade, crackers, nuances of viscous sweetness and slightly dried pasture remain as lingering finishes.
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