Midleton 1973 Irish Whiskey 700ml
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    Midleton 1973 Irish Whiskey 700ml

    In 1973, Max Crockett Master Distiller of the Old Midleton Distillery selected a number of his finest whiskey casks to form part of his private collection. The whiskey was released in 2003 by his son Barry Crockett who was the then Master Distiller at the New Midleton Distillery. 30 years of aging in three casks types imparted the essential hallmark of a very old whiskey – complexity and fullness of taste. This particular complexity comes from the marriage of pot still whiskeys aged in bourbon barrels, sherry butts and port pipes.
    ABV (%) : 56.6
    Rich Iberian stone fruits topped with sweet heathered honey, lead to the spicier pot still notes and a touch of old leather.

    The distinctive and unique character of Old Midleton Pot Still is unmistakeable in this venerable old Irish Whiskey. Extremely oily with layers of spices, rich ripe fruit, heather honey and sweet butterscotch toffee. This evolves overtime to reveal the rich tannins and wood spices that all come together to create this wonderfully full bodied and flavoursome whiskey.

    The rich old Midleton pot still lingers rounded with the wood spices that seem to last forever.
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