Nueva Rose Sangria
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    Nueva Rose Sangria


    Nueva Sangria is a new Aussie twist on a Spanish classic; we've used premium grapes from the best Australian Vineyards with hints of citrus, apples and berries finished off with a refreshing spritz.

    Sangria is great. We all love sangria.

    But Nueva wanted to make a uniquely Australian Sangria - something fun, something fresh, something beautiful!

    Lower in sugar but bursting with fruit flavour.

    Starting with premium Australian grown Pinot Grigio, the Nueva team leave the juice on skins for a short time to extract the beautiful pale pink colour and berry flavours.

    After fermentation they infused the wine using a blend of Australian produce including citrus, apples and berries based of a secret family recipe.

    Finally a slight spritz of carbonation is added at bottling for maximum refreshment.


    The Awakening:

    Nueva Sangria came about during a reality check: On a hot Australian day – what are you going to have to let your hair down? Beer? Be one of those cider types? Get fancy with the bubbly? No thanks.

    Nueva Sangria's actually the perfect drink for the Australian climate.

    Kyle Sandilands isn’t a drinker – but he wanted to become one. Instead of finding a drink he’d be into, he did what any millionaire with too much money does: create his own. That's how Nueva Sangria was born

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